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Day Dreaming…

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I’ve realised that about this time every year my mind starts to wander towards Winter. Well, a European, fairy tale, Winter that is. Weeks on end of plus-30 temperatures probably triggers the yearly fantasy but still, it’s hard to push aside! I’ve been glancing through old photos and came across this, one of my favourites. Waking up to this was truly amazing. I just have to remember that walking in it to work was not so amazing! Still, hindsight is a lovely thing…

When fashion and art collide…

When fashion and art collide…

FInally - winter colours to make you smile this season!

FInally - winter colours to make you smile this season!

Beautiful in every colour…

Top 5 Trends of 2012!

1. Brights

2. Prints

3. Metallics

4. Embellishment

5. Graphic Monochrome

What will 2013 bring?


Like most women, I tend to carry more than I potentially need in my everyday work bag but really, you never know when you’re going to need a measuring tape or two packets of cough lollies. People may laugh, but when get that cough you know you’ll be running to my bag and I! I love this bag, it fits my life in it.image